footsteps in the night sky

by c. prismon-reed


Minimalist.  iridescent language. connection and juxtaposition.  quiet imperatives:  sunrise, seasons, the ocean; the moon; “a thumbprint of ten thousand stars” — streams of consciousness from image to insight.

An invitation to beauty in a coherent, transcendent universe.

22 poems, artwork, reflection; three translations: a first edition gem — to give, to keep, to share, to treasure.

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<詩人小蘭>  “a poet is a small orchid”


The author would like to see all who purchase this lovely book to get the highest quality copy possible.  Even though the original form was excellently done, she unfortunately does not have direct control over how the books actually get published:  It is a print on demand activity, so the printings happen at different points in time.  Therefore she asks that each of you review the books that come to you for the quality of the print, especially the pictures!  Images should be clear, with good detail — like the stamens in the plum blossoms (p. 48) and full dark on the bamboo with a clearly visible mountain and moon seal on the right (p. 60).  Large areas should be uniformly dark and appear black; frame around calligraphy on p. 54 should be a uniform medium gray.  If images are ‘faded’, blurry, washed out, blotchy or otherwise appear out of focus or lacking foreground or background definition, please ask for a replacement.  We have been in contact with the publishers to mitigate this issue; the first orders were fine  — early printings were of good quality — so they are possible!  But for the time being please check to ensure that you get one that you can be truly happy with.  Thanks!


As you may know, the book is available from; however, at the moment there appears to be some delay or confusion in those orders.  Therefore it is advisable  to consider purchasing footsteps in the night sky through your favorite local bookseller [it is carried by Ingram (wholesaler), for instance] or from the author.  Please use the contact email to request the author’s information in this regard.  Tax (where applicable) and shipping and handling costs will need to be added.  When time permits, an order form option will be added to this site.


The author wishes to encourage the use of footsteps in the night sky in classroom settings where poetry is discussed.  See information on the home page.  The book should be available through normal college bookstore avenues.  If you have specific interests, please use the contact form to request additional information.  Instructor copies and some teaching aids (handouts) may be arranged, and of course she is available to discuss doing lectures, workshops or other learning activities.